10 social media updates september 2016


W ciągu ostatnich kilku miesięcy, społeczności mediów społecznościowych zostały zalane nowymi aktualizacjami. W sierpniu 2016 r. wiele platform społecznościowych wprowadziło nowe funkcje i aktualizacje, aby ulepszyć doświadczenia użytkowników. W tym artykule omówimy 10 najważniejszych aktualizacji społecznościowych w sierpniu 2016 r., Aby pomóc Ci lepiej zrozumieć, jak te platformy się zmieniają.

10 Social Media Updates to Help You Stay Ahead of the Curve in September 2016

1. Take advantage of Twitter’s new “Moments” feature to create engaging stories and share them with your followers.

2. Use Instagram Stories to share behind-the-scenes content and give your followers a glimpse into your day-to-day operations.

3. Utilize Facebook Live to broadcast events, interviews, and other live content directly to your followers.

4. Try out Snapchat’s new “Memories” feature to save and share old snaps with your friends and followers.

5. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s new “Pulse” feature to post articles, videos, and other content related to your industry or profession.

6. Use YouTube Live Streaming to broadcast live events or interviews directly from your channel page.

7. Take advantage of Pinterest’s new “Collections” feature to organize pins into themed boards for easy browsing by your followers.

8. Utilize Periscope for live streaming video broadcasts that can be shared on Twitter or saved for later viewing on the app itself.

9. Try out Google+ Communities as a way to connect with like-minded individuals in your industry or profession and share ideas and resources with one another in a private setting.

10. Make use of the new Facebook Groups feature as a way to create private discussion forums around topics related to your business or industry that are only accessible by members of the group itself.

10 Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business in September 2016

1. Create a hashtag campaign. Encourage customers to share their experiences with your business using a unique hashtag. This will help to increase brand awareness and engagement on social media.

2. Host a contest or giveaway. Offer customers the chance to win a prize related to your business in exchange for following you on social media and sharing your content with their friends and family.

3. Live stream an event or product launch. Use platforms like Periscope or Facebook Live to give customers an exclusive look at what’s happening behind the scenes at your business.

4. Share customer stories and testimonials. Showcase how your products or services have helped customers by featuring their stories on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

5. Create video content for YouTube and other platforms. Videos are one of the most engaging forms of content, so use them to promote your business in September 2016!

6. Leverage influencers in your industry to spread the word about your business on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

7. Participate in relevant conversations on Twitter by using relevant hashtags and responding to customer inquiries in real-time.

8. Take advantage of paid advertising options such as promoted posts on Facebook, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc., which can help you reach more potential customers quickly and easily with targeted campaigns tailored specifically for September 2016 promotions!

9. Utilize visual content such as infographics, images, GIFs, etc., which can be used to engage followers more effectively than text-based posts alone!

10 .Encourage customers to leave reviews on popular review sites such as Yelp or Google+ Local so that potential customers can read about their experiences with your business before making a purchase decision!

10 Tips for Maximizing Your Reach on Social Media in September 2016

1. Utilize Hashtags: Use relevant hashtags to increase your reach and visibility on social media.

2. Post Regularly: Post regularly to ensure that your content is seen by as many people as possible.

3. Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments, questions, and messages from your followers in a timely manner.

4. Share Quality Content: Share content that is interesting, informative, and relevant to your audience.

5. Leverage Visuals: Use visuals such as images and videos to make your posts more engaging and eye-catching.

6. Take Advantage of Live Streaming: Live streaming can be a great way to engage with your audience in real time.

7. Promote Your Content: Promote your content on other social media platforms to increase its reach and visibility.

8. Run Contests & Giveaways: Run contests or giveaways to encourage engagement with your posts and increase followership.

9. Monitor Your Analytics: Monitor the analytics of each post to determine what type of content resonates best with your audience and adjust accordingly.

10. Experiment With Different Platforms: Experiment with different platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram Stories to reach new audiences and engage existing ones in new ways

Wnioskiem z 10 aktualizacji mediów społecznościowych w sierpniu 2016 r. jest to, że istnieje wiele nowych i interesujących sposobów, aby wykorzystać media społecznościowe do promowania swojej marki. Od nowych funkcji na Instagramie po nowe narzędzia do tworzenia treści na Twitterze, istnieje wiele możliwości dla firm, aby skutecznie wykorzystać te platformy do budowania świadomości marki i zwiększenia sprzedaży.